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Warranty Info

What Is An Endurance Car Warranty?

Based in Northbrook, Illinois, Endurance opened its doors in 2006. It’s now one of the largest third-party extended warranty companies on the market. Unlike most of its competitors, Endurance is a direct provider, meaning the company manages its own vehicle service contracts and handles all claims itself. The provider offers multiple coverage options for vehicle owners and has a full refund 30-day money-back guarantee in case of cancellation.

Endurance currently holds a C from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but the company's reputation is otherwise overwhelmingly positive. Endurance holds a gold-level certification from the Vehicle Protection Association. There are hundreds of positive Endurance warranty as a company has earned a place on Inc. magazine’s Inc. 5000 list as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies numerous times.

What Makes Endurance Unique?

Endurance offers direct-to-consumer extended warranties, unlike many third-party brokers in the extended warranty industry. This means warranty services all come directly from Endurance, and the company handles all claims directly. There’s no middleman or separate underwriter, and excellent customer service during the quotes and claims processes is a focus of many of the positive Endurance warranty reviews.

Endurance’s monthly payment plans don’t include interest, and many consumers take advantage of terms of 12, 18, or 24 months.

Additionally, Endurance warranty plans allow car owners to choose from any repair shop certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE®) to complete the covered repairs. Because of this, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a repair service quickly no matter where you are when you experience a mechanical breakdown.

What Does An Endurance Extended Warranty Cover?

Endurance offers a total of six levels of coverage. The first five are extended warranties with varying levels of coverage to protect against mechanical breakdowns. The last Endurance plan is a combination between an extended auto warranty and a maintenance contract.

  • Supreme: This top-tier plan is Endurance's exclusionary, bumper-to-bumper warranty. It includes coverage for most parts with only some exclusions. Excluded parts include the safety restraint system, glass, light bulbs/LED lights, battery, high-tech items (which can be added to coverage at an additional cost), and cosmetic portions of the vehicle.
  • Superior: This high-tier, comprehensive plan provides great coverage for hundreds of listed parts throughout the vehicle.
  • Secure Plus: This mid-level warranty provides the shortest wait time out of all the plans. The waiting period for coverage is only 30 days and 1,000 miles.
  • Secure: This is Endurance’s most basic auto warranty that only covers parts of the powertrain, meaning the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Your vehicle’s most vital, expensive parts to repair will be covered.
  • Select Premier: The Select Premier plan is Endurance’s warranty plan for high-mileage vehicles. The warranty has a fairly extensive inclusion list that focuses on the powertrain. The brakes and suspension are not included in this plan.
  • EnduranceAdvantage™: The Advantage plan covers mechanical breakdowns as well as maintenance, which is uncommon for an extended car warranty. There are three levels of coverage within the plan – Prime, Plus, and Preferred – all of which include high-level stated-component coverage. Maintenance covers things like oil changes, engine diagnostics, and brake pad replacements.

Here's a closer look at the first five plans:

Endurance Warranty
Air Conditioning
Cooling System
Drive Axle
Electrical Components
Transfer Case
Turbo | Supercharger

These plans exclude costs associated with routine maintenance, wear and tear, damages caused by lack of routine maintenance, pre-existing issues, and acts of nature, theft, vandalism, and falling objects. For more details, read the fine print of your contract or reach out to Endurance for a sample contract.

Under each plan, you have the option to add additional Endurance warranty services for hybrid components, commercial use, or lift modified components. You can also add coverage for high-tech components if desired.

Additional Bennefits

All Endurance protection plans come with additional benefits, including:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance (limited to $30 per day and $150 per occurrence)
  • Rental car reimbursement
  • Trip interruption coverage
  • One free year of the Endurance Elite Membership
Endurance Elite Membership

As part of the Endurance Elite Membership, you gain access to:

  • Membership rewards
  • Key fob replacement
  • ID theft protection
  • Tire replacements and repairs
  • Endurance Protect app
  • $250 voucher to select restaurants and movie theaters